.: SilverBox review in Beat.de
"Wenn man die Silverbox in nur einem Satz bewerten müsstem, wäre 'Viel 303 für wenig Geld!'"

Click here to read the review by Mario Schumacher

31th July 2009
.: Featured artist - Mindsphere
We have a new featured artist, a goa, psytrance & ambient producer Ali Akgün / Mindsphere.

23th April 2009

.: SilverBox v1.2 released
Changes since v1.1:
  • Fixed: registration window freeze in Reaper
  • Fixed: first note is played correctly
  • Fixed: occassional crashes with multiple instances
  • Fixed: tuning quantize works for MIDI CC too
  • Added a new function for randomizing presets
  • Added a new filter type: peak
  • Bandpass/highpass/peak filters are normalized
  • Changed the color of LCD rectangles to darkblue
  • Knobs are now vertical linear
  • Added darker stripes to piano roll for black keys
  • Piano roll works by both clicking and dragging
  • Only active steps are displayed in the piano roll
  • Now supports custom skins!

25th October 2008

.: Featured artist - Marco Scherer
Featured artist: Marco Scherer, founder of plasticAge music, and producer of psychedelic trance projects Meller and The Unicorn.

5th August 2008

.: SilverBox review in Keys.de
"Das Konzept der SilverBox geht auf. Der Sequencer schlägt eine Brücke zwischen dem abstrakten Original und computerangepasster Arbeitsumgebung."

Click here to read the review by Ulf Kaiser

.: SilverBox review in Wusik Magazine
"Silverbox sounds amazingly good. It definitely has the 303 sound and it doesn't sound artificial like some virtual instruments do. It has this recognizable 303 sound - from a depth and punch to the 'teen and smirk' - like high snarling sound."

Click here to read the review by Alexander Arsov

January 2008
.: SilverBox v1.1 released
  • SilverBox can now be played from an external host!
  • Changed knob behaviour to linear vertical
  • Added subsonic filter for overdrive
  • Added MIDI CC for VCF tune and velocity sensitivity
  • Fixed FL7 issue
  • Slight GUI changes
  • Minor bugfixes
21st December 2007
.: Spectralhead interview by ADSR.HU

Spectralhead Audio was interviewed by Hungarian multimedia and music magazine, ADSR.HU.

Click here to read the interview (in Hungarian)

8th December 2007
.: SilverBox VSTi released

SilverBox is an authentic digital reincarnation of the world's most famous analog bassline machine. 18 dB/octave analog-modeled filter, internal sequencer and built-in distortion engine with minimal aliasing make SilverBox an ideal choice for creating acid basslines easily and conveniently.

15th November 2007