Featured Artists
.: Marco Scherer

"The Silverbox is just THE plugin I've been waiting for a long time. I love it because it is a complete 303 setup with distortion and different filter types. It's so damn easy to program sequences and slides in the matrix. Great!"

Marco Scherer started DJing in 1992 in the areas techno and hardtrance. In 1998 he established his home studio and started producing melodic trance - simultaneously gathering experience in the areas of drum and bass and downbeat.

In the same year he founded plasticAge music together with the producer Heiko Klingler, since then they were working on several techno projects. The most famous one was Raum und Kälte with several releases on On-45 records.

In 2000 he started spinning and producing Psytrance music, always touched by deep tribal rhythms and hard rocking grooves.

Meanwhile he is playing dj sets and live gigs worldwide. Furthermore he is producer of the pumping psychedelic projects Meller and The Unicorn with loads of releases on labels like AP Records, Tribal Vision, Millennium, Tatsu, Jum Jam and others.

.: Mindsphere

"SilverBox is so fantastic! It's what I needed for a very long time. It's very easy to program the sequencer, including accent, gate and all the parameters. And it's 100% real time readable/writeable within your host sequencer through automation. If you dont want to lose a lot of time during producing goa & psy trance, be sure it's for you!"

Mindsphere (Ali AKGUN) was born in Istanbul in 1976. He started his musical career in the mid 90s playing the guitar and singing in his heavy metal band. After playing around a lot of concerts, he became interested in electronic music. After that, he bought some equipment and started producing goa trance and ambient music. His first live act was in 2003, and he really felt something that he never could describe before. After seeing people dance and what they wanted from the music, he continued his songs that way. In 2005, Ali created the first Turkish Goa Psychedelic Trance web portal Psyturk.com which integrated the Turkish goa psy scene. After some years, a label called "Metapsychic Records" found him and released his first album Inner Cyclone. And it gets great feedbacks from goa trance lovers!

His another side is a project called Mindphoria, style between ambient and spacey down tempo. Mindsphere participated to Suntrip's Opus Iridium compilation with an ambient track called Frozen Sleep. He is still playing live acts in different places around the world. Now, he's producing his second Mindsphere album and it will be the masterpiece for Goa trance lovers!